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Дотянулся! (ВИДЕО)

31 марта 2015

1vishious -

Wow! Miami of (OH) pulls the goalie for a 6players on 5 with 12min left in game ---Score 6-

Miami (OH) finally scores and makes it 6-3 with 8min to go
Nothing better than College Frozen Four
Update 6-4 wow! with 5min left in game
OMG! 6-5 with 1:33 left in game
You can take your college basketball and take a nap
Wow!! Miami almost does it but watch the highlights it's the best I have ever seen check out the Miami (OH) Redhawks player Louie Belpedio saving a open net goal and then plows into boards getting hurt and crawls back to bench ,Unbelievable

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